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 About us :

 The establishment Worldwidemakers is started to provide business consultancy and conduct suitable training programs to create learning & vibrant organisations by transforming people.  Our work is to make your organization work friendly and for the betterment of family and society by making it more creative & sensitized to its employees and the business environment around it, and ensure that it is fully geared to maximizing its profit potential. 

All our clients common objective is to become world class through  transformation. And it is our aim to create the conditions for it to occur.
We have right tools to identify and nurture the talent as well as fill up the competency gap to streamline business process and maximize the profitability.
Vision : To build a knowledgeable & transformational people and become a worldclass training institute
Mission : To provide business consultancy and suitable training programs at affordable charges
Evolve PLE - Personal Learning Environment : They represent the next generation of learning management systems, and the profession’s effort to endorse learner preferences while also fulfilling their duties to continue providing relevant and useful content. 
Formalise Informal Learning : Allowing workforces to gain greater access to informal knowledge-based content is clearly the objective of most organizations. But where is the proverbial line drawn, how much is enough, when should it be accessed, and is the quality of the content relevant and to our standards?
Our profession is more dynamic than ever. It requires intelligent, adaptable, and resilient learning professionals who can strategically partner to identify and manage resources, strategically meeting organizational needs.
We are :
Associated with Pune Management Association

Worldwidemakers-Associated with Pune Management Association
and Member of MCCIA
Member of MCCIA






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